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CAS Quantum Network Co., Ltd. (QuantumNet) was founded in 2016 and specializes in offering convergence service of Quantum Technology and ICT. With its commitment to developing and further promoting quantum technologies, the Company delivers integrated solutions centered on quantum, including Quantum Cryptography Application, Quantum-safe Cloud Service, Quantum Enhanced Data Storage, etc.

QuantumNet is an innovative enterprise established by the Chinese Academy of Sciences Holdings Co., Ltd. and the University of Science and Technology of China, relying on the technical advantages of Academician Jian-Wei Pan’s team. The Company is the main promoter of national and international standardization of quantum information technology. QuantumNet’s CEO serves as the Chairman of China Communications Standards Association (CCSA) Special Task Force (ST7) on Quantum Communication and Information Technology, and its Director chairs the Focus Group on Quantum Information Technology for Networks (FG-QIT4N) in ITU. In addition, the Company plays a leading role in the quantum industrial consortiums, as evidenced by its role of the Deputy Director in the QIIA, and the QIC.

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