Quantum Key Distribution Service:From National to Global
CAS Quantum Network Co., Ltd.(QuantumNet) has built the world’s most advanced and largest satellite-ground quantum network, including terrestrial optical fiber networks and quantum satellites. The optical-fiber network exceeds 10,000 kilometers (6,214 miles) in length, covering major cities of China.
Taking advantage of the National Wide Area Quantum Secure Communication Network and Quantum Satellite, QuantumNet has the ability to provide global quantum key distribution services. Users can obtain quantum keys in different ways and apply them to various ICT applications.
Fiber Access
In case of banks, hospitals and factories, Global QKD services can be accessed through quantum backbone/metro network.
Satellite Access
In case of islands, ships and other fiber-inaccessible scenarios, Global QKD services can be accessed through compact portable quantum satellite ground stations.
Platform Access
In case of universal mobile terminals, such as drones, handheld and IoT terminals, Global QKD services can be accessed through quantum key management platform, forming an inclusive affordable service.
Schematic Diagram of GCS
Schematic Diagram of Global Quantum Key Distribution Services