Quantum-safe cloud service
We provide an integrated cryptographic application system based on quantum keys, integrating ICT technologies such as virtualization and cloud computing with quantum secure communication technologies, comprehensively enhances the security of virtualized resources and cloud applications including computing and storage, and helps cloud tenants and supervisors realize the security control of data.
User Value

While providing quantum-safe virtualized computing and storage resources, we also provide technical means for government and enterprise users to safely manage and control data in the entire life cycle of computing, storage, transmission, and disaster recovery

Product advantages

Combine the integrated cryptographic application system with computing and storage virtualization technology

Support cloud applications and inner-cloud security resources to call quantum security capabilities

Realize data security management and control through the situation awareness technology of quantum keys consumption

Realize the visualization of data security management and control

Application scenario

Private cloud or dedicated cloud scenarios for vertical industry informatization such as digital government, enterprise digitalization, rail transit and energy industry

Use case

Dedicated cloud deployed for public safety, providing safe environment for data computing and storage, as well as endogenous security protection and identity authentication services for applications