Quantum-secured Internet of vehicles
Based on the cloud platform of integrated quantum communication technology, we provide infrastructure of credible computing, secure storage, and secure transmission for key information data of rail transit business systems, and realizes integrated management and control of data security in combination with classic information security systems
User Value

Provide a safe operating environment for enterprise information systems in the rail transit industry, and improve the security governance capabilities of the entire data life cycle of the rail transit industry from the aspects of cloud platform-network-security system

Product advantages

Quantum communication technology realizes key access to edge nodes such as line network centers and stations

Integrated cryptographic application system runs through processes of calculation, storage, transmission, backup

Implement data security management and control through quantum key policy configuration and call analysis

Integrate quantum keys with classical security devices to improve data security protection capabilities

Application scenario

It can be used in transportation including smart highway, autonomous driving

Use case

Rail transit data information encryption